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Whether you’re a professional keynote speaker, author, coach, consultant, trainer, broadcaster, podcaster, blogger, professor or teacher, the NM Chapter of the National Speakers Association is committed to help you grow your speaking business and expand your impact globally.

With a focused mission, Membership in the NSA NM Chapter has many benefits to help you grow your speaking business and to connect you to other like-minded speaking professionals.

We have several events and experiences throughout the year to fuel your success as a professional speaker.  Each event is planned with a purpose and executed with excellence to maximize your personal and professional growth.


Join our growing community of professionals who use the power of their voice in NM!

You’ve got a message and a passion for sharing it. NSA NM has the tools, techniques and the professional connections to help you do that effectively. Whether it’s at our chapter meetings or other events, our network of talented and successful speakers are eager to welcome you and help grow your business. Our members have all been where you are today, from trying to break into a new market to publishing your next book. We can help you achieve greatness as a professional speaker.

Partner Benefits

  • Being connected to our growing family of like-minded professionals building their speaking business.
  • Receive 25% – 50% discounts on ALL events and experiences
  • Attend Partners ONLY events, meetings, and opportunities
  • Have behind the scenes exclusive access to guest speakers and presenters 
  • Be listed on the NSA NM website with photo, market info, and a link to your speaking website
  • Be on the referral list for speaking inquiries in New Mexico
  • Participating in a thriving community of motivated individuals growing their influence to change the world
  • And so much MORE!

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Participating in the NSA NM chapter keeps me focused and motivated to build my speaking business. Through the relationships that I have and the chapter meetings, I have the tools I need to achieve my speaking dreams.

Steve Corona

Actor, Hollywood Dialect Coach, Professional Speaker

Everytime that I connect with the NSA NM speakers tribe, I am not only encouraged to pursue my dream but I am learning what it takes to build a profitable speaking business.

Susan Swafford

CEO, My Core Catalyst, Speaker, Women's Business Ally

AUGUST NSA NM Chapter Event August 10, 2017 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Kevin McCarty – Speaker

Members $30 | Non Members $40


From Zero to Thirty paid gigs in 12.5 months! 

You don’t know what you don’t know. And, what you don’t know could be holding you back from reaching the next level in your speaking career.

NSA Oregon, 2017-18 President, Kevin McCarthy will share a proven strategy for taking your speaking business to new heights.

In January 2016, Kevin launched his new BlindSpot Zone™ brand and booked 30 paid events with new clients as a direct result of his branding, marketing and sales strategies. At this special NSA chapter event, Kevin will share his processes and best practices so you can learn how to:

• Connect your passion to a sellable brand.

• Identify your ideal client and audience.

• Create a targeted marketing campaign that generates phone calls.

• Convert those phone conversations into bookings.

• Develop a presentation that builds lists and generates referrals.

Kevin will also show you a behind-the-scenes look at how:

• He inspires 50-60% of each audience to voluntarily join his email list.

• Generated more than 100 referrals from 30 events.

• Uses Gmail for mass marketing.

• Gmail significantly out-produced Infusionsoft in open and response rates.

• He keeps track of his prospects and clients.

• To get paid to develop a two-day workshop from your keynote.

• Get your fee paid in full at the time of booking.

If what you’ve read doesn’t get you excited to attend this event, you just might have a blind spot!

Find out more about Kevin McCarthy at

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Take your speaking business to a new level of profitability and impact by attending this training seminar.

SEPTEMBER NSA NM Chapter Event September 7, 2017 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Patty Farmer – Speaker

Registration Opens Soon

Marketing & Social Media Strategist International Speaker and Author

PATTY FARMER delivers key marketing and business growth strategies to business owners, executives and entrepreneurs. She is an AWARD-WINNING and IN-DEMAND marketing and social media strategist who arms her audiences with practical, actionable real-world information. She helps them use marketing, social media, networking, collaboration, and list building strategies to meet and exceed their business goals. Passionate and approachable, Patty is a great fit for conferences, professional associations, and conventions. 

Learn more about Patty at

OCTOBER NSA NM Chapter Event October 5, 2017 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Joel Block – Speaker

Registration Opens Soon

Show Me The Money

Insights into the World of a Hedge Fund Manager toelp You Grow Your Business

The money business moves fast and life in the shark tank is turbulent, but that’s the world venture capitalists, private equity players and hedge fund managers live in as they compete for deals, adding value to transactions so they can take profits and plow back earnings to make even more.

What can business owners from authors, consultants and speakers to retailers, manufacturers and service providers learn from the movers and shakers in the money business? Plenty. The people who provide capital to deals need those deals to perform optimally – or they face increased risk.

There are very specific strategies the best of breed use to enhance company value, improve cash flow, and boost sales – all while reducing exposure. These strategies are second nature to Wall Street types, but don’t often make it to Main Street. Until now.

Our guest speaker, Joel G. Block, is a long time veteran of the venture capital and hedge fund world who has been deep inside of hundreds of companies and has studied thousands more. He has invested in dozens and has run several. This is a guy who knows a few things about optimizing and adding value to businesses. And he is coming to Albuquerque to share some of what he knows with us.

Join us as Joel shares his strategies for building long-term business value by boosting sales, adding revenue streams, and creating enduring relationships with clients. What you learn from Joel about leadership, sales, strategy, and team building will enhance your business for a lifetime.

This is a program you don’t want to miss.

Find out more about Joel at