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Participating in the NSA NM chapter keeps me focused and motivated to build my speaking business. Through the relationships that I have and the chapter meetings, I have the tools I need to achieve my speaking dreams.

Steve Corona

Actor, Hollywood Dialect Coach, Professional Speaker

Everytime that I connect with the NSA NM speakers tribe, I am not only encouraged to pursue my dream but I am learning what it takes to build a profitable speaking business.

Susan Swafford

CEO, Core Advantage LLC, Speaker, Coach, Author


To grow your speaking business, you must grow as an individual first. When you invest in your personal and professional growth, you invest in your business. Bigger and better business comes from bigger and better leaders.


No Power & No Point: Why Your Slides Suck & How To Make ‘em Soar

with Mike Robertson

March 7th – 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Location: Drury Inn at I-25 and Jefferson


Blaming PowerPoint for boring slides is like blaming the paintbrush for a lousy painting. Mike Robertson is a nationally-known expert in creating amazing, magical slides for his own presentations and for many of the top speakers in the USA and he’s coming to share his secrets with NSA-New Mexico. This idea-packed workshop will give you dozens of ways to transform your own slides into works of art that will delight your audiences and help them retain your information much longer.


“The reason so many slide presentations are dull is that most people think of slides in a fundamentally old-fashioned way,” Robertson said. “Slides are used as the digital equivalent of the old flip charts—like we often use in brainstorming sessions. But slides can rise to the level of art once you learn the possibilities of a program like PowerPoint or Keynote.”


Creating amazing slides doesn’t require new tools or software; it only requires imagination and creativity along with the program you already have. In No Power & No Point, Mike shares usable techniques, tips and tricks to improve every aspect of a basic slide — color, texture, typography, frames, animations, use of multimedia, and even some interactive techniques that often elicit applause from audiences.


A professional speaker who focuses on creativity and readiness, Mike incorporates his eclectic background in graphic design, magic, and music to make slides like you’ve never seen before. When he shared a short version of this workshop at the National Speakers Association convention in San Diego in 2014, he instantly went from being an unknown to a sought-after thought leader in the field. He has since shared this program with 15 NSA chapters, as well as four national conventions of NSA, including INFLUENCE 2017. He has designed slides for NSA President Ruby Newell-Legner, Jason Hewlett, and many other top-notch speakers. Mike is currently working on the visuals for the NSA Winter Conference in 2018, focused on the theme of The Future of Speaking.


Mike lives in Austin with his wife, Lisa, a videographer. They have one daughter, Lindsey, a writer and performer in Los Angeles. 


Mike’s signature keynote speech, The Art of Readiness, illustrates his creativity and the benefits of approaching life as a work of art. He has written four books, is an accomplished musician, and once was the world’s foremost authority on PEZ dispensers. Yep, that’s true.


Don’t miss No Power & No Point. If you use slides, you’ll be blown away by how many great ideas you’ll get. And if you’ve never thought slides were necessary for your presentation, you’ll be amazed at the powerful possibilities you’re missing. You’ve never seen slides like this before.

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